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Minneapolis/St. Paul Fence Repair Service

Although Sterling Fence Inc. Builds the sturdiest of fences, even the sturdiest are susceptible to damage from violent storms, vandels or car accidents.

Sterling Fence Inc. Does repairs on many styles of fence including chain link, western red cedar wood as well as Jerith and Ameristar ornamental fences.

Any damaged fence can be repaired and Sterling Fence Inc. Can do these repairs. Our estimators can come and assess the damage and help you determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. They are experienced in what to look for and also in the industry methods of repairing.

You don’t necessarily to replace the whole fence.

An example may be that your wood fence sections are in perfect condition however the post(s) has snapped from strong winds. We can replace the broken post(s) and reattach the fence sections and your fence can be as good as new.

A chain link fence may have had a tree fall on it. In this situation it may be as simple as replacing the top rail and mesh, and leaving the existing posts that were not damaged and still in good condition.

A professional fence company like Sterling Fence Inc. can help you determine whether to fix or replace your damaged fence. We have the expertise to do the job and explain the extent of damage to you.

Whether the repair is big or small our sales reps will be happy to drive by and look at the damage and either call or email you with an estimate.

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